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THE STAKES COULD NOT BE HIGHER, PART II: Global Corporate Takeover at World Level: Why and How

What have Exxon and other global corporations who knew in 1977 that fossil fuels were causing climate change been doing during their 40 years of publicly denying reality?…Global corporations have increased the pace of their extraction, transport, refining and sale of fossil fuels, doubling the amount of greenhouse gases in the air, greatly accelerating climate change…They have been scrambling to establish monopoly control of the world’s food, seeds, land and water….Reaching for world political and judicial power, they have established global-corporate “tribunals” which give corporations and billionaires the right to try any nation which in protecting its lands or people creates laws that cost an investor profit….Globals have spent hundreds of millions “sowing doubt”, convincing people that the solid consensus of the world’s scientists (including secretly of course Exxon’s own scientists) is wrong…. Finally, from the late 1970s, globals have worked on all fronts to destroy the U.S. middle class, deliberately causing the 40-year decline of the U.S. economy….